Energy Efficiency Label (EEL) is a label to educate the consumer attached on the electrical appliances such as (air conditioners, refrigerators …. and other) includes clarification of the appliances’ performance and efficiency in the electric energy consumption, and providing some necessary information before buying in a clear, simple and easy way. So it is hoped that the applying of this label will contribute to rationalize the electricity consumption on the country and the consumer in general, which leads to reduce the burden of monthly expenses.

KSA’s energy labeling program took effect on April 27, 2010 according to the Third, Fourth and Ninth Articles of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) regulation issued by Royal Decree No. 216 on 06.17.1431, the SASO has issued this regulation which aims to rationalize the consumption of electric energy in order to preserve the national economy as well as reduce consumption to the average consumer, by providing scientific and practical means based on standards, with taking advantage of the international practice in this area, and to set areas of standardization in the service of all interested parties, especially the average consumer who needs a practical, simple and reliable way from a neutral party to be able to compare different electrical products in terms of efficiency in the electric consumption by the label installed on each device, to have the ability to acquire devices with high efficiency in the electric consumption.

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