Wireless and Telecom Type Approvals

Type approval is a Certificate given to a telecom Product which will be interfaced with the country telecom network, and it’s almost required in every country in the MENA region. The Telecom Approval is given by the related regulatory agency in the importing country after evaluating the test reports and/or samples with other documents for compliance with its standards.

Lodexco helps you to navigate the various requirements of each country for your product approval. At Lodexco we take your products from the initial step of determining approval requirements and the best approval strategy for your target markets, preparing the technical application packages until obtaining the Type Approval certificate. Throughout the process, we work closely with local regulatory authorities to ensure simple and quick process.

Our wireless and telecom type approvals include:

Saudi Arabia (CITC)

United Arab Emirates (TRA)

Jordan (TRC)

Kuwait (CITRA)

Egypt (NTRA)

Qatar (CRA)

Oman (TRA)

Bahrain (TRA & DWLFM)

Lebanon (TRA)

Sudan (NTC)

Algeria (ARPCE)

Morocco (ANRT)

Tunisia (CERT)

Iran (CRA)

Turkey (BTK)

Yemen (MTIT)

Iraq (CMC)

Palestine (West Bank & Gaza) MTIT

Libya (GACI)

Pakistan (PTA)

Syria (SYTRA)

South Africa (ICASA)